Sunday, 5 February 2012

Winter Weight

I am the kind of girl that fluctuates in weight. My body, my appetite and my water retention, for sure, are in close bond with my ability to manage all sort of life specific coordinates, stress, time and money resources, but mostly with my joie de vivre levels. If I am enthusiastic about life, engaged in projects, stimulated and inspired by plans and goals, my weight levels decrease. On the contrary, when I am concerned or anxious, my weight levels rise. I have always enjoyed gastronomy and its many pleasures, so although in different quantities, I eat chocolate for better or for worse.

As many of us do, I gain weight in the winter regardless of my lust for life. As fashion is the best tool for emphasizing one’s qualities and acquiring a sense of confidence it is to be used with particular flair and wit in this circumstance. And most importantly is to be enjoyed! Embrace the curve! Work the fuller you! Life is short and you’ll be back to your regular size by March.

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