Wednesday, 25 January 2012

let it snow!

Although the S/S 12 collections have already hit the stores, it seems that winter only just came to Bucharest now. And I really enjoyed dressing for the occasion.

Get a pedicure and change the post it!

Style Heiress

My mother has always been the greatest inspiration for my sense of beauty and aesthetic values. I established a relationship with these ideals through inheritance. Like most ladies, I have always questioned myself and am constantly reconciling my ideals of beauty with my realities of appearance. But whenever I see my mother I feel I don't have to work as hard. My admiration for her has turned out to be the greatest self-esteem  catalyst.

Monday, 23 January 2012


I’m a young Romanian and I’ve been living in London for 5 years and working within and around the fashion industry for three ears. I’ve always been passionate about the subject and it’s always been a part of my life. I like to think of my childhood as the beginning of my fashion career J. I was styling celebrities and interviewing fashion icons long before I knew it. When I was a young child, my favorite part of day was watching my mother’s grooming ritual. I loved the way she selected her clothes, the lightly chaotic, yet highly calculated manner and ideology that represents the concept of femininity and womanhood. I used to create outfits for my Barbie dolls, I would use torn clothes and scrap fabric from my mother’s design work. Designing and tailoring was my mother’s most educated and productive hobby. She was working as TV journalist and she would make outfits for herself, and style herself. It was quite challenging to practice elegant, trendy, classy and sophisticated fashion in Romania in the early 90s, especially  on a budget and without Zara. She learned and taught herself what colours photographed well and what shapes suited her body type and created figure  complimenting illusions, the camera adds 5 kilos you know?! She did splendidly, she is witty and resourceful, she used polyester and made it look like silk, she would decorate simple, old fashioned items and re-tailor them into modern, upbeat pieces that looked exciting and chic yet efortless. She was always so appreciated for her look, and she always wore her clothes with such confidence and pride. Without glooming about her creations or even taking credit for them, but she got a real kick out of a good-piece, the designs that really satisfied her aesthetic ideals. I loved learning from her, and doing fashion equations. That’s how I can best describe this process, there is a limited amount of resources and options and you have find the best possible result that fulfills a series of quite sensitive conditions. Since I have become a woman and since I have realized, accepted and explored certain realities about my figure and as a more informed and educated fashion consumer and hopefully producer, I can best analogize my styling activity as research and interpretation, fashion maths.
This blog represents my contribution, my solution to the fashion equation.