Sunday, 12 February 2012

Ain't Valentine's Day a kick in the head?

  While cynics (including the one in me) may argue that Valentine's Day is a most commercial holiday designed to sell chocolate, flowers and impossible ideas about human relationships, I'll take any opportunity to celebrate. And I admit, for me "LOVE" is a concept that should be celebrated as often as possible with props, costumes and themed songs.
   Of course, it's wonderful to spend the 14th of February with your significant other, champagne, strawberries, candles, red lingerie and cheesy music. But if you haven't met your significant lover yet, I believe you can still make the most of V day. Spend it with your best friends, offer yourself a manicure, a massage or a blow dry, make a beautiful dinner and a champagne cocktail. Leave out the eroticism and single girl pity party paradigm and get a kick out of honoring the affinity in your present.