Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Dressing for the Sartorialist

The Sartorialist was my first contact with fashion blogging, my first fashion blog love. I'm sure most of you have found tremendous inspiration in his images, his words and overall fashion perspective, he acted as a mentor for so many journalists, editors, photographers and urban outfitters alike. Scott Schuman has such flair for all that is symmetric, balanced, graceful, beautiful, elegant, tasteful, chic and all the good stuff you hope people think about you. Ever since I first met thesartorialist.com I have become a fashion girl. It somehow contextualized my appreciation and ambition about fashion, as a way of life and a career simultaneously. The way I chose my clothes on a daily basis and the manner in which I seasonally edited my wardrobe bared Schuman's influence. When I lived in London, during fashion weeks I would be exceptionally attentive about my outfits hoping that I would run into him. It has now become a reflex. I am now living in Bucharest and I still dress in the hope of running into him, or one of his blogger mentees. I dress for The Sartorialist. Images will follow shortly, so if you're there, please stay tuned.

Disclaimer: All above images belong to thesartorialits.com.

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