Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bounce Back

After a passage of inactivity (this is a euphemism to say the least), I am pulling myself out of what has been a lack of inspiration on many levels. I wish not to complain or taint the blog-sphere with negative thoughts but if catharsis happens through acknowledgement, allow me then to confess. I have always aimed to be and see myself as an active and proactive being, constantly on the move, evolving, searching for the better, improved me in every aspect. Gym, work, structure, discipline were values I associated myself with. So where did it all go so wrong?
I feel into a lethargic state of mind and body somewhere between the end of winter and the begging of spring. There's been a lack of synchronicity between myself and nature and it's been getting to me big time. I've been eating too much, overdosing on TV (The Good Wife has been my drug of choice) and sleep. Needless to say I gained a few pounds and lost a great deal of joie de vivre. I feel like those bad pictures of Britney Spears before she went to rehab and had a come back.
But even Britney bounced back, so I can too. This is when project "ME" starts. I will be using the help of all cheesy self-help tools from The Secret to everything else Oprah and my mother recommend. I'm going to practice the art of discipline and balance throughout my diet and daily schedule. I will be taking vitamins and doing my best version of meditation.  Do you have any ideas or do you have any bounce back stories? Wish me luck and stay tuned.

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